When you sign-up with Eventbrite to collect registrations or sell tickets to your event, you get access to a rich set of event marketing tools right out of the box. And you don’t have to be a tech whiz or a social media guru to take advantage of this tool set. It’s powerful and effective, yet easy to use (I tried to find a good analogy, but most powerful things like rocket ships and nuclear reactors aren’t easy to use).

We like to think of our tool set as a virtual event marketing department – so even if it’s just you working to sell out your event, now you have a whole team helping you achieve your goals. And if you already have an event marketing department, we’ve recruited some top notch players to turbo boost your efforts.

Meet the team members, they’re psyched to get working for you. And now, your personal event marketing team:

The Incredible Embeddable Ticket Form: Drop the ticket widget right into your website or blog like this and don’t worry about sending your traffic elsewhere to buy tickets. Learn more

Customizable Buttons and Links: Create custom links and buttons to match your event’s style. Embed these babies anywhere on the Web – in emails, web pages, blogs, etc. Learn more

If you really wanted to you could make a really long link and make it hot pink and post it to your site for people to click on and register for your event, but probably you would use something much shorter.

Wonderous Widgets: These little buggers will do wonders driving traffic to your event page. Display a countdown to your event or showcase a calendar with all your upcoming events. Learn more or check out a countdown widget in action here.

The Social Media Hulk: This team member packs a serious punch. We understand the power of social media for event marketing and provide a whole suite of tools to help you take advantage of viral marketing. Publish your event to Facebook or Twitter and when your attendees register, with one click they can post the event to their Facebook and Twitter feeds to let all their friends know they are attending.

Prime Time Email Invitations and Communications: Invite your network to your event through easy email invitations or schedule email reminders as the event approaches. If you want to send more personalized email, check out our integration with MailChimp for high-powered email marketing. Learn more

Macho Man Discount Codes: Select the number of discounts to give out, create unique codes and offer promotional discounts. Generate a buying frenzy when you tell people that the first 10 people to buy a ticket with the code will get a discount! Learn more

Thunder Promotion Across the Web: If you mark your event as Public in our directory (you can check in the “Additional Options” section of the event creation page), we blast your event out to all major search engines, event indexing sites, and our public search directory, making it easy for event seekers to find.

Wicked Smaat Analytics: Track conversions on registration pages using our analytics tools or with your Google Analytics account. Understand how sales are tracking and see the results of all your promotional efforts. Learn more

The team is pumped to get into the action. Ready to get started? We are too. Set up your event

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