The At The Door Card Reader allows you to process credit cards on-site for ticket or merchandise sales.

As we mentioned back in December, we’re completely committed to helping our event organizers manage all their event sales and data — both online and on-site at their events. At that time, we launched the free At The Door app so organizers with any type or size of event can capture credit card and cash sales via their iPad.

Today, we’re expanding on our mobile box office solution by introducing the At The Door Card Reader and wireless printing capabilities for our event organizers.

With the At The Door Card Reader, it’s never been easier to sell tickets and merchandise, such as your band’s t-shirt or your famous BBQ sauce, and track those sales from your event.

At any time during or after your event, you can view the day’s credit and cash transactions on your iPad. Your comprehensive Eventbrite event reports will include all of your online and At The Door sales, so you always have a complete view of your event sales at a glance. If you collect any information from your buyers, you’ll not only be able to see this information in your attendee reports, but also have an opportunity to reach out to them for your next event.

We also configured the At The Door app to work wirelessly with Star printers, so you can print tickets or receipts on the spot. We’re always trying to be eco-friendly and offer the ability to send online receipts through the app, but we understand that sometimes there’s a need for paper receipts, such as for redeemable food and drink tickets at your event or a receipt to honor any future returns or exchanges.

Star printers allow you to print tickets or receipts on-site for your Eventbrite event.

To use the At The Door Card Reader, simply plug it into the 30-pin adapter (where you charge your iPad), open up your At The Door app, and you’re off and running. Organizers are always given the option to collect cash or use a credit card in the app. When you select credit card, you simply swipe the card, and voila! Not only is it faster than manually entering credit card numbers, it’s more fun!

To celebrate the launch of the At The Door mobile box office, we’re waiving our standard Eventbrite service fee for every purchase made through At The Door (note: the standard 3% credit card processing fee will still be applied).

Other features of the At The Door mobile box office include:

  • An optimized checkout flow that allows the At the Door app to process 400+ transactions per hour.
  • A reliable swipe: Connection to the 30-pin adapter means the At The Door Card Reader gets a good read every time, eliminating the need for multiple swipes.
  • Wireless integration with the Star TSP143 printer for tickets and customer receipts.
  • Cash drawer reconciliation within the app.
  • Encryption on the reader itself—all card data transmitted through the iPad is fully protected.
The reader plugs right into your iPad.

The At The Door Card Reader comes at no ultimate cost. It’s $10 and sold through our brand new Brite Store; however, for a limited time, we’re offering a $10 promotional credit to your Eventbrite account as a thank you for trying it out. An additional shipping and handling cost applies.

The printers are widely available, as well as through our retail partner’s website, and can be easily set up to start printing right away, should you need hard-copy tickets.

So, give it a try for your next event and let us know what you think! Check out these Help Center articles if you need help setting up your At The Door Card Reader or wireless printer. You can also visit our At The Door page:

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