Last weekend was PAX East, and all of geekdom rejoiced. PAX East is one of the world’s largest video game conventions, attracting tens of thousands of gamers, geeks, and fans to Boston. Social media exploded with excitement around the event—there were a whopping 193,000+ posts over three days. We decided to tune in to the conversation to uncover the trends. Here’s a look at our top moments and biggest learnings from PAX East 2014:


Top Social Moments at PAX East

Day 1, 10 am: Doors open

Gamers tweeted and posted about their excitement as they waited in anticipation for the doors to open, driving more than 6,000 posts in the opening hour of the convention.


Day 2, 11 am: PAX South announcement

The most notable social spike of the convention occurred at the “Make a Strip” panel when Penny Arcade announced that a fourth show, PAX South, would be coming to San Antonio in 2015. Gamers were pumped — the announcement drove over 5,500 posts, 8% of all conversation for the day.


 Day 3, 11 am: Gamer giveaways

Social media buzz was dominated by giveaways on Day 3. In particular Moobeat’s League of Legends promotion for a chance to win a Riot Ward skin code was a massive driver of conversation, with more than 150 retweets in the first hour and over 3,300 retweets by the end of the event.


How did we get these insights? We partnered with Mashwork, a leading social media insights company, to help us analyze over 193,000 posts from Twitter, Facebook, forums, and blogs about PAX East during the three-day convention.

We know, it’s hard to say goodbye…



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