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As an event professional, it’s too easy to get overwhelmed with new trending technologies and status updates on the latest online tool du jour. Social media is important, but don’t spend all your time trying to pick the perfect event hashtag at the expense of neglecting trusted promotion methods that might be less trendy.

Our friends at WiseStamp, recently developed an easy way to market your upcoming Eventbrite events in the signature of your emails. Here is a preview of how Sara, our Event Evangelist in Chicago, uses the integration:

WiseStamp Signature App

This simple integration is a great way to subtly remind potential attendees about your next event. It’s easy to setup and will automatically pull in your next event without have to manually update it.

WiseStamp is just one of Eventbrite’s many useful apps, add-ons, and resources — to discover more, check out our partnership page!

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