We redesigned our ticket purchase email confirmations for increased clarity.

There are some big steps in planning an event, such as booking a venue, recruiting volunteers and securing sponsorships.

Compared to this to-do list, an email confirmation to attendees shouldn’t be worth a sweat.

We’re making sure that’s the case. Email confirmations are one of the primary ways for attendees to find their ticket and event details, post-purchase. We updated these confirmations to attendees, to ensure that this step isn’t on the same to-do list as, say, finding a caterer with just the right color of cupcakes.

The updates provide increased clarity on ticketing and event details. Some of these include:

  • Highlighted section directing attendees to print, download or go to will call, depending on your selection;
  • Clearer statement that order is complete, with location, date and time details;
  • Sharing buttons for email and social media on public events;
  • Event details in the message, even when PDFs are attached;
  • Link to Acrobat Reader when PDF tickets are used, to assist people experiencing trouble with the PDF;
  • Localized confirmations that are translated to event page language.

We’re committed to creating a best-in-class user experience for you and the people attending your events. We hope that these updates help eliminate attendee confusion and set you on the path for strong, successful events.

Now, you can get you back the big stuff (and the cupcakes).

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