The Annual Concert for Epilepsy brings a crowd together to rally for the Epilepsy Foundation.

There are three things that are near and dear to my heart. Music, charities, and my sister, Christina Ann Sauer.

When my sister was six months old, she developed a very severe case of epilepsy, which led her down a road of having three-neurosurgeries and trying countless numbers of drug combinations and diets.

Though Christina, now 24, has endured so much in her life, she has always had a consistent love for listening to music. Rarely does a day go by where you can’t find my sister wearing her headphones and pink iPod shuffle listening to some music that my mom has loaded on there.

So, when the Epilepsy Foundation started the annual Walk for Epilepsy, I wanted to come up with a creative way to raise money for the Epilepsy Foundation. I wanted to do something that was fun, laid-back, and incorporated awesome live music, to honor Christina’s love for music.

Soon after, we started the Annual Concert for Epilepsy, an event that is now in it’s fifth year. It has been headlined by country music superstars, such as Little Big Town and Josh Turner, and has raised more than $200,000 in proceeds for the Epilepsy Foundation. On top of it all, it’s been such an awesome experience.

D.C. Event Evangelist, Chad, with guitar, poses with his sister, Christina, and Concert for Epilepsy performers.

For the past three years, it’s been an event that we have ticketed through Eventbrite. I chose Eventbrite for simple facts that it was easy to use and totally integrated into the social media feeds of Facebook and Twitter.  It also gave me the ability to reach out to so many people and to easily manage the logistical nightmare that can be large, private events.

I loved using Eventbrite, and I loved making my event a ticketed event where I could collect the names, addresses, and email addresses of everyone who came to concert, so that we could continually communicate with them for years to come.

Then, nearly two months I ago, a friend of mine in Oakland, Calif., alerted me to a job opening in the Eventbrite family as the DC Event Evangelist.

It was kind of one of those ‘light bulb over your head’ moments where I was thinking, “I love using Eventbrite. Why not work for Eventbrite?”

For the past nine weeks, I have not only been using Eventbrite again as I continue to plan for the 6th Annual Concert for Epilepsy, but I have also been advocating the use of it to every one in D.C. I by the very definition of my title have been Evangelizing for Eventbrite for nearly three years running now, anyway; now I get to do it as part of my job. Freakin’ awesome!

As a user, I’m amazed at what things have come our way as an attendee or an organizer of an event.

Each year, top-notch performers take the stage to sing for a cause.

As an employee, I can’t tell you how excited I am to speak out Eventbrite and to help guide other people through the processes that I, too, have shared.  I’m also on the edge of my seat about the new developments to come in the weeks and months in front of us.

The bottom line – it’s an awesome time to be a part of the Eventbrite family!

I’m Chad Barth. I’m an employee of Eventbrite, and I’m also a client.

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