In my experience at Eventbrite, I’ve noticed times where our tools are effectively used for more than just supporting a single event. In some impressive cases, we’ve seen users come together and use Eventbrite to create a community.

Supporting passionate communities can be rewarding in itself, and we love to do so when we have the opportunity. So today, we’re showing off a new initiative to support Google’s I/O Extended program!

“I/O” is the popular developer conference that is put on each year and focuses on the many Google products and tools that are available. Tickets to the conference are very popular (maybe because Google gave away free chromebooks last year!), so a lot of people don’t have the opportunity to attend. To accomodate those who couldn’t snag a ticket, Google has a program called I/O extended. This program is to support events that are part viewing party and part community building among developers.

Using Eventbrite for your Google I/O Extended event allows you to register your event with Google, apply a professional custom theme, and get access to all of our event management tools that will make your life a lot easier!

If you’re interested in hosting your a Google I/O Extended event by using Eventbrite – get started for free!

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