Midori and Friends’ mission is to bring music to children in schools throughout NYC.

The past nine weeks have been extraordinary. Eventbrite has been honored to share the stories of amazing event planners from all over the country. Here is a quick recap of our heroes and the lessons they have taught us.

The Heroes:

Our heroes have shown the breadth of events happening worldwide. They patrol the rooms of Technology conferences, the fields of kickball tournaments, and the venues of concerts, parties and networking events. They have shown that event organizing is a daunting challenge. They have shown that it is possible to plan successful events after coming home from a hard day’s work. They have shown that passion prevails and experience is helpful but not always necessary.


Kick for the fences! The 2nd annual Kickball 4 The Kids was a great success.

The Villains:

All of our heroes fought for a cause. If a school somewhere lacked funding in the arts or physical education, an Eventbrite hero was there. If someone fell on hard times in their career, an Eventbrite hero was there. If attendees just needed to hear some rock music and have a good time, an Eventbrite hero was there too.

For every villain, there was an event hero there up to the challenge of hosting an event. These villains did not stand a chance against the amazing people we have highlighted.


Girl Geek Dinners used big name speakers and venues to generate buzz.

The Events:

Eventbrite’s heroes range from having no experience with event organizing to being professional event planners. Each hero had their own unique experience planning successful events. Throughout the past nine weeks, they have shared some great advice on how to make your event a smashing hit.

Here is the some of my favorite pieces of advice, (not in any particular order):

  1. Find awesome volunteersScreen your volunteers and select the ones that are the most passionate and care about your cause. This will add value throughout the event and enhance attendee satisfaction. – Career Connectors, Jessica Pierce
  2. Plan for last minute sign-ups – Every NextGen Conference received an influx in sign-ups closer to the event. Know this for your event and plan accordingly with venue size and seating. – NextGen ConferencesCory Levy,
  3. Social media – Social media is great tool in promoting your event, but think of ways to integrate it during the event and post-event. Post videos to YouTube, share photos, and engage your audience after the fact. – Full Circle Fund, Wendy Wittman
  4. Sweat the small stuff – Sending a thank you at the end of everything, giving shout outs on Twitter, acknowledging the volunteer team or sponsor; these are all important details that you don’t want to forget! – GIRLS WHO ROCK. Cynthia Hellen and Tammy Tibbetts
  5. Are you doing “A” work?: I now know that my mother was not just telling me to make straight As. She was telling me that in order to be proud of your work you must put in the effort. Don’t be a student or event organizer that just narrowly gets by. How would you feel knowing you didn’t throw the best event possible because of lack of effort? – Adele Scherotter (My Mom)
  6. Legal regulations – Laws pertaining to auctions and licensing for charity can be strict; you must be sure what you are doing is legal before proceeding with plans. – Living Lindsay’s Legacy, “A BOLD Party
  7. The first year is always a struggle due to name recognition. Focus on creating a great event and the next one will be easier to run. – Kickball 4 The Kids, Zack Wright
  8. Post-Event Information – Learn all of the positives and negatives of your event from your guest through surveys, interviews and in casual conversations – Girl Geek Dinners, Angie Chang

Take these tips and set off your own heroic journey. We have showcased just a few of our awesome event organizers and want to thank all of our other heroes who are organizing events and creating memories around the world.

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