­­Two weeks ago, after a 30+ hour drive from Chicago,  I arrived in San Francisco in a rented minivan with my pug, Eleanor Roosevelt (no stranger to this blog), my best friend, Rhetta, and all of my earthly possessions packed into cardboard boxes.  After three long days in a car and only stopping for the most exciting rest stop options, the foggy air surrounding one very iconic bridge was a welcome sight.

Like I said, only the most exciting rest stops.

In case I look familiar, I spent the last eighteen months in the Windy City spreading the good word about Eventbrite as an Event Evangelist (@BriteChicago). Today I am thrilled to announce that I have stepped into a new role in our headquarters in SoMa: Eventbrite’s Community Manager! As a serial event attendee, lover of technology, community building and (obviously) the color orange, I couldn’t be more excited to be stepping into this position. But before I get started, I’d love get to know some of the members of the Eventbrite community in my new home of San Francisco. This Saturday, Eleanor and I will be hanging out with some Britelings in front of the Ferry Building as we witness the creation of a giant 3D chalk art piece that celebrates all of the amazing classes being hosted on Eventbrite. The artists will be teaching folks how to create their own chalk masterpieces, and onlookers will be able to contribute to the piece, themselves.

This is me! Now you can come say hello to me on Saturday at the Ferry Building.

If you’re out and about tomorrow, come say hello between 8am and 1pm PDT.  I’d love to get to know some of you, and get your feedback on what you’d like to see more of on the blog, hear about your favorite events, and who knows, maybe we can even make up a secret handshake. Whether you’re an event organizer, attendee or just someone who likes hanging out and meeting new people, I’m excited to get to know you! In the meantime, if you can’t make it out on Saturday or don’t live in San Francisco, give me a shout anytime — I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me soon!

*Editor’s note: I did let Eleanor drive the minivan.