This is a guest post by Denise Quashie, a.k.a. @DQtweets. Denise is a successful Atlanta-based event planner who recently shared excellent venue tips. Today, she offers some great, specific insights on marketing your event through Twitter.

With this new age of social media, organizers are spinning on how to market their events, and many think that a few tweets get them there. I recently spoke to an organizer who only sent a few tweets on Twitter as the sole form of event promotion. Unfortunately, they didn’t know exactly how to transition tweets into registration profits.

I believe you have to layer multiple social media applications, not just Twitter, in any event promotion. But for this post, let’s just focus on Twitter. Here are 5 key proven marketing tips:

1. Good content is everything!

Create engaging tweets that are much, much shorter than 140 characters. The goal is to create content that will be retweeted. If you’ve used 130 characters for your own tweet, that doesn’t leave enough space for someone else to retweet it. Plan ahead, edit your content and tweet relevant information keeping in mind a 100 character limit.

2. Create, promote & save the hashtag

  • Create: It all starts by creating a hashtag that’s not too long and is relevant to your event name. For first-time events you want to create a hashtag that’s representative of your brand and catchy enough to attract prospective attendees. I’ve attended many events where the organizer didn’t create a hashtag until the day of the event. This was a huge opportunity lost on their part, as they didn’t promote the event in advance.
  • Promote: By promoting the hashtag, attendees (and those on the fence) become your virtual billboard. You can also add your hashtag to your Eventbrite registration form and on the automated email confirmation. Encourage registered attendees to join your virtual conversations on all social media applications.
  • Save: By saving the hashtag, you can download an archive of the tweets from an application like or Twapper Keeper and post it your blog/website after the event. This will allow for the instant details of the event to be an ongoing conversation post event. It’s also great to share with sponsors to showcase how many times their brand was mentioned via Twitter.

3. Create a public list

No one really knows what to do with the list feature on Twitter. However, with events it’s simple. Add every attendee to your event on a list titled “GoingTo[YOUREVENTNAMEHERE]” and publicize the list on your blog/web site. Let’s face it, people want to go places when other people they know are going. By showcasing and updating the list you’re giving prospective attendees and sponsors the ability to weigh the odds of attending your event.

4. Run promotions and specials on Twitter

There are a number of promotion applications out there. However, you can simply create a “follow us” promotion and create a hashtag to give away free passes for every 50th new follower. Not only will you grow your fan base but you create a buzz about the event.

5. Load your Twitter stream on your blog/website

If your blog gets a lot of hits but your Twitter handle is new, this is a great way to garner new followers and drive traffic to Twitter.

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