Guest post: 3 reasons to try simulcasting events


Jason Lee is CEO of Philanthro Productions, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit whose goal is to connect young professionals to philanthropy through fun and innovative events. Since 2007, Philanthro and its 3 chapters (LA, San Diego, and SF) have donated over $200K to transparent and efficient nonprofits. On November 13th, they’ll be running simultaneous events in several cities, which they will broadcast through Jason wrote this post for us on how—and why—they decided to do it.

Philanthro Productions has always been committed to finding the coolest and most innovative ways to reach our target demographic. Sometimes that vehicle has been the actual charity itself whereas other times it has been the operational elements showcased at our events. This time, it’s both!

On November 13th, we’re partnering with Pencils of Promise to coordinate a nationwide event in 7 major metropolitan cities to benefit PoP’s mission of building schools and increased educational opportunities in the developing world. PoP is like us: a young nonprofit powered by the energy of those who want to make tomorrow a better world.

As part of our first-ever nationwide event, we’ve brainstormed a number of ways to make philanthropy fun, including partnering with to stream video from all 7 of our concurrent events (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Dallas, Boston, and New York City).

This accomplishes several exciting things:

  • Creates a sense of community Not only does the simulcast help attendees understand the global nature of our cause, but it also validates why they are there by way of peer reinforcement.
  • Integrates technology with little cost or manpower Justin TV has an iPhone app that allows you to broadcast directly to your channel, hence, no need for wifi or hardcore HD setups.
  • Allows guest speakers to speak to more people – Guest speakers are hard to come by so the bigger audience they have, the better the message can be spread

Our goal with Philanthro Productions was always to create fun events that incorporated philanthropy. We all know you’re busy 9–5 cranking out those numbers for your 6pm meeting, but how cool would it be to call your friends on the other coast, send them a link to the event on Eventbrite, and essentially party with them? It’s pretty much like being on Facetime® but with 2,000 people who all want to do their part to help party for a better future!

Stay tuned for our Eventbrite page to go live, and in the meantime, check out the Philanthro SF and Pencils of Promise Facebook pages.

Thanks again to the Philanthro Productions team. Be sure to check out their previous guest posts on 5 NPO event best practices and 6 “must ask” venue questions.

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