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As Partner manager, I try to think of exciting partnerships and integrations for Eventbrite. Often though, partnerships ideas come directly from customers telling us what services they love and are already using with Eventbrite.

As a long time Eventbrite user, Stacey of Magnify Communications wrote in to tell us: “Between Eventbrite and Access Pass & Design, Magnify is able to provide very clean and professional registration processes and badges.”

As you know, if you’re planning a conference, Eventbrite is a great tool for collecting custom registration information, processing payments, and managing check-ins. Additionally, Eventbrite does have a name badge tool that suits the needs of some organizers who want very basic name badges and have the proper equipment. However, some organizers need more out of their credentials or badges – this is when we proudly refer them to our newest partner, Access Pass & Design.

Access Pass & Design serves events of all types – from Music to Sports, and Conferences to Festivals. Their products include security credentials, name badges, tickets, and much more! The fact that Access Pass & Design serves such a diverse customer base, makes them an even more ideal partner for Eventbrite.

For more information, check out the listing on Eventbrite’s partnerships page, or find more information at

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