Often times, organizers ask me, “What is the best way to engage our customers through an event?”

My response always begins with, “Know your target audience and outline your objectives for hosting an event.” Are you trying to educate your customers? Or perhaps just raise awareness about your brand or company? It’s important to determine what you’re trying to accomplish at the very beginning, so your event will reflect your vision.

Take the upcoming Mom’s Nite Out event that I’m hosting in LA. Eventbrite is a great platform for moms, mommy bloggers, and “mompreneurs” alike. I decided to host an event to raise awareness about our ticketing solution to a group of women who are active on social media and busy running their business or planning their child’s school fundraiser. Clearly, these women have little time to spare and the time they do, I’m sure they would take pleasure in a little “R&R”.

When thinking of ways to raise awareness with this demographic, I figured there is no better way to convince moms to attend an event than to host a Mom’s Nite Out, pamper-style event. Many women would surely appreciate an evening to themselves to indulge in mini-massages and polish changes provided by Bliss Spa, hair demos by BE Beverly Hills, snacks and goodies provided by Pretzel Crisps, ACTIVATE drinks, Votre Vu, ONE Coconut Water, Ciao Bella, and Kelly Teegarden Organics to name a few.

For obvious reasons, being that I’m not a mother myself, I quickly realized that I may not have a strong network of moms to tap into. I always recommend partnerships for that very reason. Partnerships allow for stronger outreach to multiple networks and access to new people. I reached out to two big local mommy sites: Savvy Sassy Moms and Plum District to help put on this fabulous event. With their help, I am confident the event will be a success!

I encourage you to really understand your demographic and determine what type of event would be the most effective. Remember, the largest events aren’t necessarily the most effective. It’s critical to make sure you have clearly and effectively communicated your company’s brand and message to your guests in one way or another, whether through branded giveaways or direct interaction with guests. Get creative and when you give your guests what they want, you will leave your guests with a lasting impression!

If you are a mom in the LA area and would like to attend Mom’s Nite Out, please sign-up and feel free to invite your mommy friends!

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