We gave our reports a good ol’ fashioned schooling and an extreme makeover. The result? Intelligent and beautiful reports that you can proudly bring home to mom.

Use these new reports to better understand your attendees — who they are, where they are coming from, and how they found out about your event. Track ticket sales and registrations, monitor your page traffic, sales revenue over time, use of discount codes, and much more.

We love data here at Eventbrite, and we know the power that can come from deep analysis and understanding of your business. We hope you’ll have fun with these new Event Intelligence tools and use them to help you put on smarter, more successful events. As always, we welcome your comments and feedback.

To access new Charts and Event Reports click on the title of your event and then select  from the left hand feature menu located under Analyze.

* Note: The Order Report (now called Order Details) and Attendee Report (now called Attendee Summary) can be found under Event Reports.

Attendee Geography Report:

Page Views Report:

Sales by Ticket Type Report:

Overall Sales Report:

Survey Response Report: