These are complicated times for the banking and finance sector. Of course, given our penchant for events, we see this tricky climate as all the more reason to use live gatherings to connect, educate, and network. And we’ve got a ton of compelling business and finance events being hosted through Eventbrite in coming months—everything from regional economic forums to large conferences. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below. They’re just a sampling of the many excellent financial gatherings on Eventbrite in the coming weeks.

The Global Microfinance Summit
3/21—Waltham, MA
The Bentley Microfinance Group, a student-run organization, hosts a compelling summit on the growing field of microfinance—the strategy of bringing low-income entrepreneurs into markets.

10 Key Strategies to Make Your Business Thrive During the Economic Recovery
3/23—Inland Empire, CA
The title says it all. This Southern California forum is all about repositioning your business for success in the post-crash climate.

Business Consulting Conference Focusing on State of Michigan Resources
3/23—Pontiac, MI
Michigan has been particularly hard hit during the economic crisis. This conference focuses on connecting small businesses with state resources for growth.

Investing Back to the Future

A panel of experts convenes in London to help investors strategize for the volatile economic climate.

Banking Leaders Forum 2010: “Discerning the New Industry Landscape (if Possible)”
3/25—Washington D.C.
An extensive and eclectic group of experts discusses the daunting new regulatory environment for the financial services industry.

Shadow Open Market Committee Meeting: e21
3/26—New York
Federal Reserve Governor Kevin Warsh speaks on the critical topic of central bank independence. Additional papers on monetary policy and banking reform will also be delivered.