I know that “eventholder” isn’t actually a word.  But I’m trying to exert a little pressure here on the English language on behalf of Eventbrite users everywhere.  I think that what you guys do is important enough to merit its own verb.  Thus, “eventhold” becomes the thing that you do.  And I’d like to call it that and to call you guys the doers of that thing from now on, if that’s alright.  Also, and for as long as necessary, I will link to this page from all the places on Eventbrite.com where I happen to write eventholder, so folks will know it’s not a typo.  I promise to keep incidences of “eventhold” down to a minimum, but you should know the infinitive form of the verb is there for you in case you need it.  Feel free to support this movement in your own writings and correspondences.  Right-mouse-click: “Add to dictionary”.  If not already an eventholder, click on the egg above.

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