Headed to SXSW this week? Us too! We’ve packed our spare chargers, downloaded the Eventbrite app (obvi) so we don’t have to print out any tickets, and are prepared to consume a steady diet of breakfast tacos, free beer and BBQ. But as you know, when your days are filled with panels and networking and your nights are filled with concerts and hosted happy hours, sometimes you need a break from the pedicab-lined streets. Lucky for you, we’ve got some insider tips on how to do SXSW and not get totally fried.

1. Be BBQ Savvy

Oh, you want to eat good BBQ?  Yeah, we thought so. And you’ve heard great things about Salt Lick or Franklin’s? Shocker! Don’t get stuck in the barbecue pit of no return. Go a little further out to Opie’s in Spicewood or Black’s BBQ in Lockhart to get your fix.


2. Find a Break in the Storm

For your own sanity, do things to escape the madness for a little while. Midnight Cowboy, formerly a seedy massage parlor, has some of the best cocktails in Austin and it’s soundproof walls and cozy booths will help you (and your eardrums) recoup from the chaos of SXSW.

image via funjunkie.com
Image via funjunkie.com

3. Unplug!

Don’t forget about the hike and bike trail around the edge of Ladybird Lake. Just steps away from downtown, the lush pathway offers great people watching. If you’re not an olympian, you don’t have to tackle all 10 miles of the trail at once, there are several opportunities to loop back by crossing one of several bridges.

Image via mymilestone.com
Image via mymilestone.com

4. Find Unique Events to Attend

At Eventbrite, we’re big fans of small events that offer something unique and unexpected. Including, Albert Einstein’s unofficial birthday party, or the opportunity to climb into a robot and fight your friend like it’s 2099. You can find more events like these at www.eventbrite.com/sxsw or use the app while you are on the move. Bonus? Use Eventbrite’s integration with Sched.org to make sure all those birthday-party-robot-fighting events get on your calendar.

Einstein Birthday
Image via our Community Manager. She went to school for art.

5. Do Your Own Thing Instead!

And, if you want to escape it all together, get out of town and visit the birthplace of Dr. Pepper in Waco instead. Mmmmmmm Dr. Pepper.

Image via tripadvisor.com
Image via tripadvisor.com

Also, don’t forget we’re hosting a lil shindig on March 12th with our pals from The Governors Ball Music Festival. Come hang out with us, listen to some sweet tunes and try to beat us in cornhole!