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Mitch Colleran is Eventbrite’s partner manager. Keep up to date with partnership and API announcements by connecting on Twitter.

In my role at Eventbrite, I have the privilege of talking to many intelligent and ambitious web entrepreneurs. They use Eventbrite’s API to create innovative web products that do everything from empowering nonprofits to support worthy causes, to answering the question, “What am I going to do tonight?”.

I am constantly amazed by these developers’ ambitious projects, and I always leave meetings thinking, “Wow, this whole internet thing – it’s pretty awesome!”

Back in my pre-startup days, I was intimidated, rather than inspired, when I thought of the endless web. The secret in the transition (besides scoring a job at an awesome startup), was discovering the strong communities of web citizens. These people are dedicated to helping each other navigate this new frontier.

One of the strongest communities for knowledge-sharing on the web is StackExchange. Today, I am excited to announce a partnership with StackExchange to sponsor their upcoming DevDays conferences.

StackExchange is a network of 57 question and answer sites. Their most well known property is StackOverflow, a Q&A for professional programmers and enthusiast alike that receives approximately 1.7 million visits per day. Eventbrite’s developer community has already been informally using StackOverflow to answer questions and support each other. We’re excited to support such an excellent resource.

DevDays is a conference aimed at developers who want a crash course in all the latest, hot, new technologies. When we spoke with StackExchange and they told us that they were bringing back their DevDays conference, we knew that we wanted to be a part of it.

Stack Overflow’s developer community is all over the world, and this is reflected in DevDays’ hosting locations. There are four different DevDays conferences happening this fall, and you receive a 20% when you use the discount code “Eventbrite”.

We’ll be looking to work with StackExchange and our developer community to make sure that this is an educational and beneficial event. We’re already considering fun ways to support developers who want to use Eventbrite’s API, so stay tuned for more updates!

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Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran

Mitch Colleran is a product manager who looks after Eventbrite Spectrum and the supporting APIs. Find him on Twitter at @Colleran to chat about an increasingly connected web, Eventbrite's approach to platform, or world travel.