This is part 1 of a 2 part series focused on helping you understand the promotional tools driving people to discover your event and purchase tickets on Eventbrite.


Promotion tools tell you exactly where your ticket sales are coming from, so that you can allocate dollars and time wisely.

At Eventbrite, we empower you to more effectively promote your event and sell more tickets. Through our social media integrations, you and your attendees can easily share events on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, driving visits to your Eventbrite page and ticket sales. Our distribution partnerships with event discovery sites, such as Zvents and Eventful, are another valuable source of incremental traffic and ticket sales.

To help you regularly monitor and quantify the impact of these promotions, you will now see a list of the Eventbrite Promotion Sources on the Event Summary landing page for an individual event within “My Events”.

This snapshot of information allows you to easily see how much of your total revenue was generated by Eventbrite’s promotional tools, so you can fully understand how using Eventbrite is paying off for you. You can also analyze your sources of revenue in more detail by clicking on “Track Attendee Activity” and viewing all Eventbrite-generated tracking links, as well as any additional tracking links you have created.

For more about tracking your promotional efforts and the impact on ticket sales, check out Brianna’s post about the feature from last year. Then, head to your Event Summary and let us know what you think!

In Part 2 of the series, we’ll go more deeply into each of the promotion sources you might see in the Eventbrite Promotion Sources summary and glean key insights from the results.