Eventbrite plugs into WordPress to enable ticket sales

Answering to popular demand, the talented team at Shane and Peter just released an open source WordPress plugin for Eventbrite so now WordPress users around the world can sell tickets and register attendees right from their blog. The plugin has two parts: The Events Calendar which enables you to rapidly create and manage events using the post editor. Features include Google Maps integration as well as default templates such as a calendar grid and event list for streamlined one click installation. The second part is the Eventbrite for Events Calendar plugin that brings you Eventbrite functionality right into WordPress, enabling you to sell tickets and collect registrations for your event. Both plugins need to be activated in order for the Eventbrite functionality to work.

You’ll need an Eventbrite account to use the plugin, so if you don’t already have one, sign up here.

We’re psyched to see this baby in action! Post links to your Eventbrite event in WordPress and let us all check it out.

Here’s how it might look:

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  • I can’t believe they didn’t make this compatible with wordpress PAGES. Eventbrite is awesome, but god, how utterly frustrating to see this company miss the most simple of features such as proper affiliate tracking and full integration into WordPress. I’ve been sending traffic to the eventbrite page for months now, instead of keeping it on my site, and I don’t like it one bit.

    Please make this plugin work for PAGES and not just posts, I for one would appreciate it big time.

    -Anthony Johnson
    President & CEO
    The 21 Convention LLC

  • Hi Anthony,

    In my experience, in wordpress, pages are timeless (holding value permanently) while posts are timely (usually loosing value as time passes). I’ve always considered event registration to be timely, and therefor chose the post as the appropriate vehicle for posts.

    Can you give me a use case in which you would like to use it with a page as opposed to a post?

  • Well, I can. I currently have a registration page on my traditional website that provides Eventbrite buttons taking registrants to the event on the Eventbrite site. (http://baldguru.com/registration.shtml)
    I have just signed up for a WordPress blog and would really like to replicate that page as a “page” on my new blog. Maybe that is not possible since I am not hosting my own WordPress blog on my own site, but it is an example of how I would *like* to be able to do this. I set up my events a year in advance and so doing them as posts is not the way *I* would choose to promote my events as I need to send people to my annual events registration page…

  • I am setting up web sites on wordpress and event pages are definitely needed to direct visitors. Posts are used for commenting on past events. I cant see how a blog site would use posts to inform visitors of upcoming events. But I am open to suggestions and would love to see some examples!

  • I am working on a WordPress site for a Church and this is just the thing they are looking for. I just am not clear on payments for events with paypal. Would the church website need to be secure (https://) for users to make payments directly from the Church website, or is that not an issue?

  • We will be doing a WordPress website for a nonprofit that brings in speakers a half-dozen times a year, always to the same venue. Does your ticketing program offer inclusion of a seating chart, allow patrons to request specific seats and otherwise offer a “best-available” approach?

  • We’d suggest just using different names, prices, and available-ticket totals to distinguish seating categories.

  • This plugin is about 90% incompatible with Thesis 1.6 and 100% incompatible with Thesis 1.7

    Being such a popular theme this would be a severe over site.

  • That’s a third-party developed plugin that we don’t support. We recommend leaving any comments in their forum. Thanks!

  • Is there new update for Eventbrite for The Event Calendar? the plugin causing a lot of errors in WP 3.0. I did leave a message in wordpress.org forum

  • Pages are definitely needed.
    We use Eventbrite to schedule volunteers for tax sites and like to have a central page where volunteers can access all the events to sign up for different sites throughout the entire tax season.

  • I agree that the eventbrite plugins need to be able to work with pages. My posts page serves a different purpose for me. It is changed weekly whereas the info on my hosted events is a longer time period.

  • Was the issue ever addressed or will this still only work in posts?

    Like others have said, event registration really makes more sense with pages…

  • For those of you that need pages for this, WordPress has the ability to use custom tempate files per page. Just create a page template that includes the latest posts from your event category posts. There are tons of resources on how to include php snippets to pull in post categories, excerpts and content. That way, you created an archive page that can have static introductory content (or whatever else) and a dynamic section to display the latest events.