Let’s work together.

2013 was a big year for us. We sold our 150 millionth ticket, reached $2 billion in sales, and, most noticeably in the office, built our team from 200 employees to 350.

Britelings (as we affectionately refer to ourselves) are a varied bunch. We embody the wide range of events on our platform–we’re concert goers, marathon runners, foodies, yogis, and theater geeks. We’re hackathoners, cyclists, painters, musicans, and beer week warriors.

When we set out to make this video, we wanted to capture our range of passions and personalities, but we also wanted to show what unites us: our common goal of bringing people together through the power of live experiences.

As we dive headfirst into 2014 we’re taking on new challenges, launching new products, and continuing to build our team of go-getters and game changers. Not only are we growing in San Francisco (where we’ve outgrown our current office), but we’re also launching new hubs in Nashville, Australia, and expanding in Europe and Latin America.

We move at lightning speed, are constantly in pursuit of what’s next, and have a blast while doing it. If you see yourself in the mix and share our passion, we hope you’ll get in touch!