It’s Internet Week in New York, and that means a slew of great events happening all over the city. The gatherings aren’t just for tech types, either: among this year’s more intriguing events are a rock climbing session (awesome slogan: “get upwardly mobile”) and a benefit concert for young women’s education. We really love the way Internet Week is casting a wide net and featuring some truly unique events. Here’s a quick guide to some of our favorites, all happening over the next few days.

Wednesday 6/9

Zemoga’s awesome TechKaraoke event combines American Idol, karaoke, and tech geekdom. Need we say more?

Stephanie Agresta and Brian Solis host the 3rd Annual TechSet Party. Sponsored by Pepsi, this multi-floor bash is a yearly highlight.

It’s puns galore at Brooklyn’s “Social Climbing” event. How fast can your start-up climb? No, seriously, folks from start-ups will be racing up boulders.

Bloggers are people too, you know… See them prove it at Bloggers Social: New Media Mavens and Icons!

At this point, the Internet is basically a country, so it’s only fitting that it have some “goodwill ambassadors.” They’ll be rocking Cake Group’s downtown happy hour bash.

Thursday 6/10

You may have already read about the amazing Girls Who Rock event here. Seriously, sign up for this one now—it features a great concert lineup performing for an even greater cause.

As a former Gawker editor, moderator Emily Gould knows all about the “good, the bad & the ugly” of Internet publishing, and she shares her insights at the BLOG HARD event for wannabe Internet writers.

First, FDR did fireside chats. Now the folks at SoundCtrl get in on the act, with cocktails, a DJ, and a lively discussion of issues facing the music industry.

Brooklyn becomes “Brokelyn” at this raffle to support the struggling geniuses of the 718. Drink “broke-tinis” while helping out poor bards.

Friday 6/11

Small business operators often stand to gain the most from smart new technologies—but where to focus the effort? The 12 Hours of Tech event (with a reception following) is a can’t-miss primer on what’s hot and fresh.

Moderated by Rachel Sklar, the Hot & Bothered breakfast panel tackles the issue of the gender ratio in the tech and new media sector.

Fashion and tech don’t traditionally go in the same sentence. That changes—for a day at least—at “Fashion BKSTYLE”, which asks the question, “How does technology affect your style?”

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