We are stoked to announce a new partnership with Dimdim, the open source, browser-based web conferencing company. They just launched Dimdim Webinar, a browser-based offering for easy, affordable webinar hosting, and when combined with our ticketing and promotions platform, the solution is killer. Webinar hosts can now attract more attendees, register more listeners, and make more money with their webinars. TechCrunch thought it was pretty cool too.

We recently did a webinar of our own, “Tapping the Power of Social Media for Event Promotion,” and Dimdim won us over. Here are some of the reasons why we heart Dimdim so much:

One-click attendance. We don’t want you to waste time messing with clunky software. Unlike all legacy webinar products, Dimdim Webinar attendees do not install any software to join, see, hear or participate in webinars, events and presentations. Attendees enter a webinar instantly from any browser, with one click. Likewise, Dimdim Webinar hosts need not install any software to schedule, host, record or even share their presentations.

A cool widget. We love widgets. We have many of our own. Dimdim’s new Webinar Widget allows for flexible, personalized registration, making registering, joining, and promoting your webinar easier than ever.

The green. Like us, they love when they can help their customers make more money. Dimdim Webinar is accompanied by free comprehensive resources that guide you through the steps for making money from webinars. These include: an affiliate program that pays up to $150 for each webinar signup, help videos and guides, a free eBook, and the ability to schedule and provide tickets to webinars for free or for a fee through an exclusive partnership with yours truly.

Analytics. We like numbers. Reporting and tracking of webinars gives the host a full picture of who attended or missed your webinar and how participants interacted.

Speed. We like to move quickly and we want you to be able to also. Hosts can share their desktop with a single click up to five times faster with less bandwidth required and with improved quality and smoothness of operation.

We are very excited about offering you a better webinar sales and management solution. We hope you like Dimdim too, please let us know if you have feedback as you begin to use our services together.

Read our QuickStart Guide for Webinar Registration.

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