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Over the last few months, a ton of Eventbrite organizers have streamlined the tedious check-in process with Easy Entry, our hit iPhone app. And the app got even better last week with the launch of version 2.0, which includes a barcode scanner, support for repeating events, and much more—all for the low price of $0.00.

But what if you don’t use an iPhone or simply prefer to check in attendees from your laptop? Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of check-in for the main Eventbrite platform. Your events management platform just became your go-to tool on event day!

You can now access the new feature under the Day of Event tools at the bottom left of your event’s Manage page. Here’s an overview of what it can do:

  • The Check In Attendees feature in Eventbrite gives organizers the power to check people in at an event using a web browser with their Eventbrite account.
  • Quickly finds attendees by name or email. As users type in the search field, attendees matching the text are auto-suggested and the list of attendees is reduced to match the search query.
  • Syncs with the Eventbrite Easy Entry iPhone App. When an iphone user checks in people and syncs them with the server they will be listed as attending on the Check In Attendees page.
  • In the Charts and Reports section, you will see detailed reports on who came and who didn’t, and what time your guests arrived.

And here’s a glimpse of how it looks:

At Eventbrite, we’re all about one-stop shopping, and we see this as a major step in our efforts to build great new tools that extend the reach of our platform. Simply put: it’s going to make event day way easier. Enjoy!

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  • When will this app be available to individuals using a Blackberry?

    I love the idea and the functionality however, if it were available for Blackberry users that would be great.

  • great progress on the check-in front. One additional addition is printing name labels at the event at the time of check-in. For smaller events it isn’t that big of a deal since people just write their name with a sharpie but for the larger more corporate events it would be great.

  • I would like to bring 4 guests. All professional women with film and stage, dance and modeling backgrounds. Thank you,
    Margie Drew

  • Hi Margie. It sounds like you might be looking to register for an event. If so, you need to do that through the particular event page. Thanks!

  • What do you suggest for when you have a checklist that goes along with check-in? For example, we might need to see ID, verify credentials and give the attendee a t-shirt. The check list is really to simplify training for staff but sometimes we want to have initials or a check that each step was performed for each attendee (like for a minor waiver). Thoughts?

  • This tool totally rocks! I used it to check in about 200 guests at our annual Year-End Holiday Bash for the Toronto Society of Architects that was held at the brand new Toronto Film Festival Building (The Light Box). We got dozens of compliments from attendees for how efficient we checked everyone in. Several people asked how we did it figuring we had developed some complicated technology ourselves (yeah right!). Not only that, it saved me time in figuring out who showed and who did not. Lastly, since everyone showed up within about 20 minutes of each other, scanning help us get past the crush with no grumbling! When the Catering Manager for the space panicked about fire code and over crowding, within seconds I could tell her exactly how many people had entered and to relax!

    Thanks Eventbrite! Keep up the great innovations.

    PS…speaking of fire code capacity, idea for the iphone app would be to add a head counter to track # of people who’ve left an event and provide a “net total” of sorts.

  • Great addition. Please still waiting for a step forward by including attendees pictures on badges for easy identification. This will be superb – Efosa

  • sometimes i will need check in responsibilities handled amongst different people: any chance a mac app is in the works?

  • Hey LV. We haven’t gotten there yet, but a Mac app is a great idea. However, it’s pretty simple to use the laptop check-in tool that way now. Just go to Accounts > Multi-User Access and you can give others access to the account; then you can coordinate check-in. Thanks for the feedback!

  • I used this app at a recent event and I think I found a bug of sorts.

    Whenever we had an entry in the database where we had made a change to the original ticket order – for example a name change or an exchange from one person to another – the iPhone app would not sync that user back to the database.

    This meant that we had to manually discover those users who had amendments on their entries, and manually check in all the other attendees.

  • Hi Tobais. First, thank you for using Eventbrite and for the feedback! I did some preliminary investigation into your issue, and I think I have a better workaround than the one your found. However, I want to get more details from you to better understand your use case and so that we can give you the best solution possible. Can you please email me directly (allen@eventbrite.com) with the version of the app you are using and the method you were using to check in attendees (tap the name on the list or scanning barcodes). Thanks!

  • Hi—are you referring to QT? We don’t have plans for supporting it at this time, but it’s helpful to know there is interest.

  • So, at our event, we could have one person checking in people via a laptop, while one or more people check people in with iphones and scanning? that would be great.

  • Hey Jim. Traditional scanners are available in some instances. You can check in with our sales team about that: 800.350.8850. Thanks!

  • do you have a test site to test out your technology? We have not signed up yet, thinking about it. The invite only sounds interesting, do we send out the invite only from our database (which we can do),

  • Hey Don— Glad you’re looking to give us a try! We make it easy to create test events in our standard event creation process. If you have any questions about that, definitely give our live support team a call: 800-350-8850. They’ll be happy to walk you through.

  • Is there any move to enable this for the API, it would be great to have a way of putting “200 people already at EventX” on our webpage

  • That is a great point, Adam. We’ve passed this on to the appropriate team to get in on their radar. Thanks so much!

  • Slow in the Market place every other ticket sales website offering a iPad box office for every one not limited to certain people … Should we change to another service!

  • @Gary – We’d hate to see you go! We’re continuing to test and roll-out our Eventbrite At The Door product to ensure it’s top notch for all events. If you have any questions regarding the product, please feel free to get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you, and learn your feedback! http://www.eventbrite.com/contact-us/