Dylan Fuller is the man behind the hugely popular and perennially sold out Wandsworth Beer Festival and a longtime user of Eventbrite. His experiences in coordinating the digital marketing of such a large event means he is perfectly placed to impart the pearls of wisdom that have helped contribute to its success.

Dylan has been kind enough to share his wisdom with us and we’ve curated a list of his top tips for aspiring – or accomplished – event organisers. Each week, we’ll share three of these tips that will help maximise the potential of any of your events. Last week, Dylan shared tips on starting the event planning process. This week Dylan’s focuses on ways to reach new audiences.

1. Grow your database of attendees by offering free tickets to your event. Offering free tickets ahead of time is a great way to grow your database of attendees and make guests feel as if they are valued. For the Wandsworth Beer Festival, we organised a contest whereby early ‘free’ registration entered people into a prize draw to win tickets – we saw great results here not just in entries, but also a boost in word of mouth.

2. Consider partnering with organisations that don’t compete with you, but who give you access to audiences that are well suited to your event. Partnering with people who do not encroach upon your space but who compliment the work that you do is the perfect way to build a mutually beneficial relationship. For is, it was Thirstcard in 2011. If you know your sector well enough, you’ll know who to approach and partnerships can get you everything from reduced price advertising to competition prizes. Either way, it can get your event into new markets you may not have considered.

3. Combine Eventbrite with email marketing and social media. Eventbrite offers a huge variety of ways to integrate your marketing with social media, from plugins to templates. Use Eventbrite as your hub, with various social media arms emanating from there. This will give you an easy to manage strategy with very low barriers to entry for your attendees.