Just joining us? Dylan Fuller, the powerhouse behind the ever popular Wandsworth Beer Festival is sharing his top event tips that have contributed to the success of his events. You can find Part One of this series here, and Part Two right here.

In this week’s installment, Dylan fills us in on ticketing strategy, waiting lists and instilling a sense of urgency in prospective guests.

1. Test different ticket prices (VIP, early bids etc.) to see which tickets sell fastest and what prices make your event sell-out. This is a great way to get some market research in at the start of your event, and even before. If you offer early bird tickets, you can gauge interest and decide what pricing works. VIP tickets offer an exclusive feel to the event that can boost sales – however, if the strategy doesn’t boost sales, you can be adaptable and try something new.

2. Create a sense of urgency by saying “this event will sell out” if you think it might. Don’t lie to your customers. If you don’t think the event will sell out but you say that it will, you’re liable to end up looking disingenuous. If you believe that the chances of selling out are high, tell your customers from the outset. This will boost sales and generate a feeling of exclusivity for those who buy tickets.

3. The waiting list feature that Eventbrite offers is something to explore. Waiting lists give you the chance to gauge interest in your event and to create conversation between potential attendees. The Wandsworth Beer Festival is currently experiencing a 30% conversion rate from waiting list, making it a really valuable weapon in our marketing arsenal.

Next week is our final installment of Dylan’s tips. Have you applied any of these useful secrets to your event marketing strategy?


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