Dylan Fuller is the man behind the hugely popular and perennially sold out Wandsworth Beer Festival and a longtime user of Eventbrite. His experiences in coordinating the digital marketing of such a large event means he is perfectly placed to impart the pearls of wisdom that have helped contribute to its success.

Dylan has been kind enough to share his wisdom with us and we’ve curated a list of his top tips for aspiring – or accomplished – event organisers. Each week, we’ll share three of these tips that will help maximise the potential of any of your events.

Dylan’s Top Tips

1. Create a logo for each event: Attendees want to feel as if they are attending something special, not some sort of flat-pack event. By creating a bespoke logo for each event you organise, you give a feeling of personality and exclusivity, particularly if you are making branded goods available for purchase.

2. Collect custom information in the sign-up process: By gathering data from your attendees, you can use this information when planning your next event. Using Eventbrite, collect information during the registration process like Twitter handle, age and gender. If the information isn’t Make them optional so that your prospective guests don’t feel as if you are being too intrusive. With this information, you can analyse in detail the groups that attended, refine marketing strategy and contact attendees for future events.

3. Create unique content for each event: Again, this plays into the idea of making each event special for those who attend. For Wandsworth Beer Festival, for example, a bespoke beer is being created that will only be on sale during the event. Going that extra mile makes the customer feel valued, shows that you are not content with providing the bare minimum and forms a great bond between organiser and guest.

We’ll be adding more great tips from Dylan every week, so make sure you check back often!

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