Eventbrite Event Evangelists are at it again. Who said work can’t be fun? From San Francisco to New York City (and many cities in between), our evangelists present to you another week of event photos for your viewing pleasure!

From the BUILT Festival this past weekend in Chicago, Ill. BUILT “is a contemporary art festival where over developed, underutilized, urban space is transformed into a micro-city through the use of intermodal shipping containers.” Chicago Event Evangelist Sara Altier was there to see the ingenuity and creativity of these artists!

Dallas Event Evangelist, Damany Daniel, knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. Pictured above was the ultra fun Sunkissed Pool Party hosted at The Heights at Park Lane. The event and venue provided an escape from the hot Dallas summer.

Los Angeles Event Evangelist Leila Najifi, attended Business Warriors on August 17, 2011. The conference allowed attendees to “learn new ways to grow our businesses, meet potential business partners, discover new sales opportunities, and get inspired and motivated to reach for the stars.”

If shellfish is your thing, stand back and be amazed. The New York Event Shellshocked, allowed the more than 1,500 people in attendance to sample some of the ocean’s tastiest treats. New York Event Evangelist, Staci Perkins, was there to see food aficionados scarf down some of the sea’s very best.

Corporate sponsor day! SF Event Evangelist Brianna Haag and a fellow Eventbrite fan, Brian Phillips, on a training ride in Marin before they head to their big race next week: Ironman Canada. Both will also be attending the #IMCTweetup that Brianna organized to bring together all the friends she’s made on Twitter throughout the training process.

Stay tuned next week for more photos from your events. All photos taken with Instagram or Lightbox.

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