At Eventbrite, our passion is making your event a success. We love nothing better than hearing how we helped you throw a fantastic 60th birthday for your mom, got your graduating class back together for a reunion, or helped you reach a fundraising goal for your child’s basketball team.

No matter how big or small the gathering, we are thrilled by the thought of helping you bring people together around something that truly matters. You and your events are the real stars of Eventbrite.

It’s your turn

We know those great event stories are out there… Now we at Eventbrite want to hear from you. That’s why we’re announcing the MyEventRocked contest. If you just threw a “totally OMG, amazing” party, tell us why it was so great! If you held a life-changing Eventbrite event that would bring tears to our eyes, let us know. If you’re an Eventbrite fanatic and owe all your business success to us, we definitely want to hear about that too. The point is, send us your story—in any shape or form, including video—and we’ll shout it from the rooftops. We want you to get creative and really show us your passion for events.

Contest rules and prizes

The rules are simple. Just answer this question: Why did your event rock? You can submit your story in any format or medium by 11:59PM PST May 7, 2010. Then—and here’s the best part—we’ll pick our favorites and post them on our blog, where readers will be able to vote on a winner. That winner will receive a Flip camera! Plus the special distinction of having the rockingest event in town.

So send your rocking event story or video to, or just fill out the form below. Great details to include are event location and type, event name, and some of your favorite attendee comments about the gathering. And get ready to tell all your friends, family and colleagues to cast their votes!


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