Did you think that your page design was always going to look the same? Think again. A few weeks ago, Luke, one of our product managers, told you about some updates to free event pages.

Today, we’re ready to roll out these design updates to nearly all of the events listed on our site. (We will be rolling out these updates to languages other than English, such as French and Spanish, in the coming weeks. Event pages with custom headers are also not yet included.)

Expect to see these design updates to your event:

  • Rounded corners to the detail modules
  • Drop shadows, located along the bottom of the modules, to add depth
  • Grouping of the “When and Where” details into a single module
  • Additional sharing options in the header to improve social distribution
  • More balanced font and layout throughout the page

This is part of our call to continually make improvements to your user experience, and the experience of your attendees. We want to make Eventbrite more pleasant to use for you and your attendees, while helping you sell more tickets.

Keep your eyes peeled for the updates, and let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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