The new create flow allows you to build and preview your event page in an easy, step-by-step format.

Vacuuming. Ironing. Making the bed. These are chores; publishing your next event shouldn’t be one.

Many event organizers love planning, promoting and hosting their event. It’s the nitty-gritty steps of typing out the event details and ticketing options before hitting publish that can seem as intimidating as sinkful of dirty dishes.

In our nonstop effort to make things easy for event organizers, we’re unveiling a new “Create Event” page that improves the way you publish. It’s what we call “the create flow”, building a process that is simple and, well, “flows” more easily. We’ve launched the beta release to users, and will update the international pages soon thereafter.

Updated features include:

  • Streamlined, easy-to-use process
  • Interactive “Create Tickets” option
  • Simplified way to collect attendees’ information
  • Dedicated preview and appearance page, which updates in real-time so you can make changes on the fly
  • Google Maps event location integration

The best part about all these features? You helped create them.

For this project, our product team connected with multiple event organizers and hosted them at our office. They reviewed how they go through the create flow, and discussed the questions they have and the challenges they come across.  From there, the product team built multiple options for a new design, which they then tested with more event organizers.

“We wanted to listen closely to the people who use the product every day,” says Laura Coltrin, product marketing manager. “We asked for candid feedback so that we could build something that will actually make organizers’ lives easier.”

Feel free to check out the results with the new create flow (and even set up a test event!), and let us know your thoughts.

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