Last Saturday the Canadian Red Cross hosted #redcrossCPR, a tweet-up with a twist and Jamie, our Toronto ambassador was there to check things out. Red Cross branches in Toronto, St. Johns, and Victoria called upon their friends on Twitter to learn (and tweet about) CPR!

The Red Cross offered the CPR training for free and used Eventbrite to send out invitations and keep track of registered attendees. The Red Cross CPR instructor, Faran, encouraged attendees to follow along with her training but also to tweet when they wanted to share important CPR information or fun facts and photos with their Twitter followers. People engaged all day with the #redcrossCPR hashtag and newfound first aid knowledge.

The class focused on how to help someone who is choking by giving stomach and back thrusts, how to put someone who is unconscious in the H.A.IN.E.S. Recovery Position, and how to administer CPR and use an AED (automated external defibrillator).

The newly CPR-certified tweeters left with some important lifesaving skills! Effective bystander CPR can help extend the time between when a person stops breathing and when brain damage occurs while you wait for emergency responders to arrive. And while we hope they never have to use their new skills, we’re relieved to know the Eventbrite community has added some lifesavers to their community!

To see more photos and tweets from #redcrossCPR, check out the Storify here.