As an event organizer, it probably feels like it’s a ‘process’ to put on an event. That’s why we feel it’s important to find new ways to help streamline the process of organizing an event so you can focus on what really matters: creating a memorable event experience.

It was really exciting when we rolled out our new event creation page nearly 2 years ago, built with direct feedback from our community of event organizers to help you publish your event faster on Eventbrite. We’ve continually made improvements to the event creation process since then, and now the vast majority of our event organizers use it to create millions of events around the world!

This week we will start to close down the older version of our event creation page to ensure we provide all event organizers with this improved experience.

Eventbrite New Create
Streamlined event creation page launched in 2011

This will not affect the majority of event organizers using Eventbrite today. If you have live events, or drafted events using our older version, don’t worry — this won’t affect your tickets or event page either. When you edit your event, or create your next event, you will see the new event creation page.

Since this experience may be new to some of you, we wanted to highlight some of the ways we’ve enhanced this experience from the older version.

  • The “Design” tab: After you enter your event details, you can click on this tab to preview your event page before you make it live. You can also add your custom header and footer, choose to show your attendees on your event page and allow people to see which of their Facebook friends are attending your event.
  • More intuitive layout: It’s easy to fill out your event details, create your tickets, and set your event’s privacy settings in a few minutes. Your payment options and details can be set on the Manage section, once you’ve filled out all of your event informatino.
  • Search keywords: We’ve made our platform smarter and no longer require you to provide specific keywords related to your event. By using your event title and description, we make sure your event shows up in our event directory and improve your search engine discovery of your event.
  • New color themes: You can choose from 15 color themes to customize the look and feel of your event page. Or, you can create your own using our color palette.

If you need help navigating the new event creation page of have any questions, contact us! Our friendly customer support team is here for you anytime–day or night!

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