Can you shoot webs out of your wrists? Leap tall buildings in a single bound? Here at Eventbrite, we know that event organizers can.

No matter the size of the event, where it is located or what the DJ is spinning, each event has a “Hero” behind the scenes – and these heroes need to be celebrated.

Eventbrite’s hero: someone who dedicates countless hours meticulously making sure that attendees share an enjoyable event experience. Someone who works a nine-to-fiver and is still able to organize with caterers, vendors and entertainment to throw an awesome event. Someone who hashes out details that other people forget. Someone who creates life-long memories. That’s our hero.

In the following weeks, Eventbrite will profile some of these awesome people and share their stories. We hope to provide you with more insight about organizing successful events, as well as highlight amazing bashes throughout the world. If you are a hero, or know of one, and would like to be featured, please let us know at @eventbrite or email

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