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Connect people through something simple, even teaching stretching routines, such as this exercise at Career Synergy.

LA is a big city. As in, millions of people big. LA Britelings know that building a local community in this big city is so important, whether gathering foodies for lemon pie tasting or folk for a networking event.

“Live events are even more popular now because people hunger to gather together with the chance to find

belonging with new friends,” says Scott Asai, leadership coach and host of Career Synergy, a monthly networking event for young professionals.

Using Eventbrite as a “one-stop event shop” has empowered Asai to easily manage his event in building an intimate community of folks connecting professionally. Here’s a sampling of BriteLA events that I think will call out to the inner community builder inside you:

Large events

More than 200 like-minded attendees gathering in one place can be a thrilling experience. People come to learn and share, and that energy flows through the crowd.

Court Crandall, writer of “Old School”, took the stage at an IdeaMensch event while attendees snacked on PB&J.

IdeaMensch LA

This unique event brought together speakers such as Court Crandall, writer of the movie “Old School”, and Jessica Jackley, co-founder of, to discuss bringing ideas to life. Event organizers also put a home-grown touch by branding their homemade PB&J sandwiches with “IdeaMensch” stickers, a charming effect for a large community.

Mindshare LA

A seasoned monthly event that draws huge crowds, Mindshare LA brings together a community of innovative LA residents gathering for “enlightened debauchery,” aka free-flowing idea exchange with a kick of alcohol to facilitate sharing. The organizers present smart sponsorships from the likes of Project Fresh and Syyn Labs on the event page that solidify support for the innovative community gathering. Snappy titles such as, “Who Knew Science Could Be So Delicious?” also boost engagement and get people excited.

Small events

Smaller, more intimate events make meeting new people with shared interests less daunting. It gives attendees the chance to connect more effectively.

Santa Monica Food Swap

A silent auction, marketplace and open house all rolled into one, the inaugural Santa Monica Food Swap in June brought together local foodies to swap chocolate meringue pie with “scrumptious surprises,” (handmade organic raw chocolate, organic zucchini almond bread, anyone?). Santa Monica Food Swap even utilized embedding Eventbrite tickets onto their Facebook page from Appbistro to more easily connect with their foodie community on social media outlets.

Social Media Breakfast LA


People feel part of something special when you encourage them to tweet with an event hashtag, such as #SMBLA at the Social Media Breakfast LA.

SMBLA’s community loves social media so much, that they breakfast over hashtags and Twitter handles. Guest

speaker topics offer local flavor, such as “Social Media and Hollywood”, which helps to attract a crowd just large enough to fill Coupa Cafe in Beverly Hills each month. Speed networking around the table really makes the event meaningful and memorable for people to connect in person in addition to in the social media realm.

I hope these creative events inspire you to be a part of something big and to take charge in building a community yourself in any city! Be sure to tell me what type of community you’re part of at my Twitter handle, @BriteLA, or my Facebook page.

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