Our LA Event Evangelist, Leila, has seen the power of Eventbrite for small businesses, first-hand.

Eventbrite, an online ticketing platform that anyone can use, can be a powerful tool for small business owners looking to connect with customers. From grand openings, launch parties and intimate gatherings, business owners can rally up troops to drive brand recognition and retain future customers. Got a recurring happy hour? Post away on Eventbrite, just like Steingarten LA did (who doesn’t love beer and sausage?).

From free networking events to two-day intensive Web site building workshops, Eventbrite acts as a medium where entrepreneurs can organize and galvanize a group interested in learning and experiencing new things while making a living, too. It’s an outlet where you can share your skills and services to a diverse audience looking to have fun, gain knowledge and find a community of like-minded people.

For mom-preneur Natalie Gouche, Eventbrite’s integration with social media is a great resource to build a budding business in social media marketing.

“As a social media marketing trainer and businesswoman, it has made my life so much easier. Eventbrite keeps me organized and on track,” said Gouche, whose clients include Mom’s Advice Magazine and Wealthy Minds Clothing. After hearing about the site from attending an Eventbrite-ticketed event, Gouche started using the site for its ease-of-use in set up, marketing, syncing and stats. It was a welcome relief from her prior method of using a Word document, cell phone, and pen and paper to keep track of RSVPs.

For Tatiana EL-Khouri, a multi-talented entrepreneur with creative ventures in design, writing and social media expertise, and whose projects have included work with Black Entertainment Network, Ford and Pfizer, having a way to create synergies with her business and social media has been a major plus for cross-promotion. “Instantaneously I can take the content of my Eventbrite page and share it with my friends and fans on Facebook,” EL-Khouri said.

Website Weekend Warriors, a new venture by Gouche and EL-Khouri, aims to empower small business owners in an intensive weekend workshop teaching skills that Gouche and EL-Khouri have developed as young entrepreneurs themselves. They have promoted their brand and skills in a free, sold-out event in July about blogging for clients and used Eventbrite to spread the word about their services.

Business owners need all the right resources at their fingertips to allow them to run their enterprise more efficiently. Building an up-and-coming brand with resources like Eventbrite is definitely a step forward from the spreadsheet and pen and paper route, and can be a great leverage into the right community for a budding business.

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