Greetings event organizers! My name is Mitch, and I am the Partner Manager at Eventbrite. I have the pleasure of making an exciting announcement about our NPO community, Eventbrite for Causes. We’re thrilled to be partnering with BroadCause – a social good platform that unites people, corporate philanthropy, and causes. This partnership is significant in many ways.

First, we know from experience that events are a powerful tool in both spreading awareness around an issue, and raising money for a cause. So we’re thrilled to empower nonprofits that use BroadCause with the industry’s best event management platform.

Second, this is our first official launch of a platform partnership. Partners, hackers, and businesses have all done great things with our API, but we’re especially excited about BroadCause choosing Eventbrite to handle all of the event functionality for their users. Because now BroadCause can focus on connecting causes with the millions of users who care, while Eventbrite provides the nuts and bolts behind the event functionality.

Armen Berjikly, President of BroadCause, wrote the following post about this exciting announcement:

When I started Experience Project nearly five years ago, my vision was to use life experiences, all the things that make us who we are, to connect people. Replace the ‘friend-in-common’ concept of a traditional social network with ‘experience-in-common,’ and you have the gist of our platform. The more life experiences in common, the thinking went, the better the ability for two formerly complete strangers to connect with and understand each other.

I’m proud to say that’s been a resounding success for us. Nearly 9 million experiences later, and with 4 out of 5 of our users telling us Experience Project has made their life a better place, we have built a friendly and powerful community of interests and passions that’s growing daily.

As the site has grown, we’ve realized that each of our experiences naturally lends itself to working with a host of not-for-profit organizations. For example, our roots are in the multiple sclerosis community, where there are literally hundreds of outstanding NPOs in the US alone that are addressing the needs of the MS community from every angle. While our expertise is in one person helping another, working with NPOs helps us quickly accelerate to helping tens of thousands.

After forming ad-hoc relationships with over 30,000 NPOs at Experience Project, we decided we could do better and have recently launched BroadCause, where we’re incredibly proud and excited to partner with Eventbrite. BroadCause allows causes to get in front of the audiences that care about their message, as well as providing a host of tools that help them manage and amplify their community.

One of the marquee tools is the ability to create and ticket events. Events are an incredibly powerful opportunity for a cause to raise not only funds from ticket sales, but awareness. While many people are wary of supporting a cause they don’t have an existing affiliation with, the majority are open to attending their events—a much more low-key and engaging way to get to know a cause and their mission.

We integrated BroadCause with Eventbrite’s events API in short order, and have been thrilled with the thoughtfulness of the interface, as well as the flexibility and dedication of the Eventbrite team to ‘get it right’ and really understand our unique needs. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership together as we pursue our mutual goals of harnessing technology to make the world a smaller, and better, place.

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