If you’ve been meaning to plan a get-together, or have a special occasion coming up, check out @BriteUK‘s suggestions of early summer-themed events for inspiration.

BBQ Contest


Summer is coming, and there will definitely be plenty of BBQ’s on the way. But whose will you be making a bee-line for? A BBQ contest, complete with judging panel, can help you narrow down whose grilling makes the grade, and improve your own skills along the way.

New Summer Clothes Swap


Summer time means time for a new wardrobe. A clothes swap is a great way to refresh last year’s collection with new gems, on the cheap. It’s also a happy moment when someone falls in love with your no-longer-needed castoffs.

Summer Themed Potluck


If you’re keen to expand your cooking repertoire for the summer, a themed potluck where everyone brings a suitably seasonal dish could be a great way of achieving this. Use the custom questions feature on Eventbrite to find out what everyone’s planning to bring in advance.

Craft Beer Tasting


With all of the BBQs coming up, you’ll need some tried and tested brews to soak it up. Beer experts (think the knowledgeable tender in your local ale house or beer shop) are usually happy to talk about their passion in exchange for a few pints. Ask them nicely to host a makeshift tasting and you’ll be sure to impress with your new-found beer knowledge all summer long

(Walnut) Cake Sale


What?! You didn’t know 17 May was National Walnut Day? Providing you’re not allergic, it could be a great excuse for a walnut-themed charity cake sale. Walnut and coffee cake, chocolate walnut cookies, walnut loaf…the possibilities are endless!

Hosting your own event this summer? Use Eventbrite to get the word out, and tell us all about in the comments below!

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