If you were to walk through Eventbrite headquarters in the near future, you might notice a trend in hairstyles (or lack thereof).


Not part of a cult or a clique, these recently-shorn are just a handful of Britelings who decided to sacrifice their locks to support St. Baldrick’s Foundation. St. Baldrick’s is a volunteer-driven charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and to give survivors long and healthy lives.

This all started with one of our product managers, Ty, whose friends in LA have been participating in St. Baldrick’s events for several years now. After admiring from afar for long enough and seeing the recent success of colleague Brianna Haag’s SLAP Cancer campaign, Ty decided to take action.

In just a few short weeks, over $3500 was raised by the group of 7, who also endured a public shearing the other afternoon at HQ.  Luckily, we had a photographer on hand to capture the whole experience (Thanks, Melody!).

Our co-founder, Julia, lends a helping hand.
Ty’s girlfriend also started a competing campaign, hoping that she could raise more money (for the same charity) to save Ty’s hair.  She came around, though, and even made the first cut.
All hands on deck!
Ty’s hair being donated to Locks of Love.

If you’d like to support Team Eventbrite’s campaign, more information can be found here, and if you’re interested in holding your own fundraiser for St. Baldrick’s, check out their website.