Last Thursday was another normal night in Dallas. The city had succumbed to the cooler temperatures, and everywhere you looked, Dallas almost seemed too serene for its own good. But in Deep Ellum, it was an entirely different story. For one night, art, music, fashion, and culture came together and gave every attendee an experience they had probably never imagined. Art Party- Life as Canvas took DFW by storm!

When I was thinking about what to write in my post-event blog post, one thing kept coming to mind: creativity. As we were planning this event, we kept saying that we wanted it to be one of the most creative and innovative events in Dallas history. We wanted it to be fresh and exciting, and we wanted people to leave having gained an experience like no other.  Most people would say we wanted something “out of the box,” but then we thought…”What box?” As far as we were concerned, we were looking to do something that had never been done before and could therefore not be contained inside a “box.” We wanted to take all of the things that define art all around us and point people towards them, showing them that creativity and art are everywhere, and if you look for it you will find it. We wanted to open people’s eyes to the life that is their canvas every day. Hopefully we succeeded.

One of the key takeaways from this month’s event is simple: be more creative than you ever thought possible. We are all faced with opportunities to be creative, often presented with challenges that will seek to impede our creativity, and all too often afforded the opportunities to compromise that creativity for something that is easier. The response to that opportunity to compromise is simple—don’t.

Remember that your attendees have been to lots of events. They are constantly being bombarded by messages and consistently a part of events of all types all over the place. What will make yours different?  What makes your event stand out from the pack, and why should your attendees keep coming week after week and month after month?  It may be something as simple as a unique decor element, or something as extravagant as a big reveal halfway through the night. Whatever it is, make sure it is something your guests can connect with, something they can walk away knowing was created for them, and especially make sure that it grabs their attention and reminds them who you are.

As I said to an organizer recently, “Engage your audience and make your event all about them.” From the first moment they step foot through the door until they finally leave, make the night about capturing their attention and reminding them why they’re there. You have only a few hours to make an indelible impression on your guests, so be sure to make it count. In the process, expose them to new sights, new smells, and new experiences. Make sure they leave remembering that they had the time of their lives (and that they’ve never felt this way before).

Happy eventing!

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