EB SignLast Thursday marked the first in a series of events that Eventbrite DFW will be hosting in the Dallas–Fort Worth area, in appreciation of our top eventholders and as an introduction to DFW’s top movers and shakers in the events community. The Brite Summer Nites Velvet Rope party was a smash success and guests are still talking about how much fun they had, and how they can’t wait for the next one. If the pictures are any indication, this was one event you didn’t want to miss!

Tasked with the responsibility of turning our venue, Thirdspace, into a summertime oasis, our vendors rose to the task in a major way. With decor provided by Magic Moments, entertainment by i Entertainment, bartending by Raytini, and food by Sweet Memories Cakes and CateringMarshall’s BBQ, and Dude Sweet Chocolate, we definitely had some of the best vendors in the business delivering an amazing event for equally amazing event planners.

Rising to the challenge

It’s been said that two of the most difficult types of events to plan are those that your friends will attend and those that represent you. If that’s true, it should come as no surprise that last week’s Brite Summer Nites event had its share of challenges. But challenges are the name of the game in event planning, and as someone recently told me, the fun in events is in how you overcome them. I couldn’t agree more. Last week proved just how true that was and the smiles on people’s faces made it all worthwhile.

See the forest through the trees

As a member of the DFW event community for over two years, and an event professional for almost 10, I can honestly say that it sometimes becomes easy to get lost in the details of the event as opposed to focusing on the event’s purpose and heart. We can get caught up in what time the food is supposed to be there, or how many people we need in order for the event to be considered a success, or wonder if the venue looks good enough. At the end of it all, though, is that really the point of the whole event process? I dare say it’s not.

Remember the “why”

Reading Corwin Hiebert’s recent post on the Eventbrite blog got me thinking about the heart of what we do as event planners. In the article, Corwin talks about sharing the value of the event and not focusing on the details of pricing and discounts. The more I thought about how important it was to focus the EB Wall Groupguests on this, the more I realized how I had lost track of it. For a moment, I failed to see the big picture; I stopped thinking about the “why” and started focusing on the “who” and the “how.” I almost let difficulties dictate what the event looked like, instead of letting the vision for the event shape that. For example, with less than an hour until the start of the event, I received a frantic call from my valet company and was told that the garage they had previously secured would now not let them park without exorbitant, and previously undiscussed insurance. It would have been easy to get lost in the difficulty of trying to find parking for 100 people in the midst of downtown Dallas, but instead, I focused on the fact that people were going to have a great time. My team and I were able to secure valet services through Elite Valet with only a few of our guests not being parked. To top it off, the valet company collected the keys of the guests they had missed and actually walked to surrounding lots to secure their cars! Talk about great customer service!

Thankfully, I was brought back to the reality that events are supposed to be fun—that they’re supposed to leave people feeling that they were part of something bigger than themselves and connected with each other in a real, tangible way. And as I sat back and trusted the vendors I’d hired to make the event a success, I watched as the vision I had in my head became reality before my eyes.

More pictures from this awesome event can be found on our BriteDFW Facebook page.