Two of our co-founders, Kevin and Julia Hartz, just returned from a whirlwind, three-day visit to Berlin, peppered with many memorable events where they connected with the Berlin startup and event ecosystem.

Kevin and Julia kicked things off with a busy press tour and we’re so humbled from many leading German publications while there. After the press tour, they headed to Next! Conference, where Kevin sat on a panel about internationalization and Julia did a workshop about company culture.

Eventbrite Berlin also co-hosted two events during the Hartz’s visit, a fireside chat and a cocktail reception.

Fireside Chat

The fireside chat at Bethahaus was co-hosted with General Assembly. The main part of the evening was an hour long interview of Kevin and Julia by GA founder Matt O’Brimer. More than 70 people from the Berlin startup scene attended the event and Kevin and Julia loved connecting with the audience on and off-stage. You can find pictures from the event on the Eventbrite Berlin Facebook page.

Fireside Chat with General Assembly

Cocktail Reception

After the fireside chat, Eventbrite Berlin hosted a cocktail reception at Hotel Amano with General Assembly. The reception offered a chance for the Berlin startup and event community to connect with each other and gave Kevin and Julia a chance to get to know more Berliners and feel the vibe of the community. More than 150 people enjoyed the famous Amano cocktails and music by the legendary, Grammy-winning DJ Daddy Hemingway. Pictures of the event can be found here.

Berlin Cocktail Reception

We would like to thank all of the attendees for making Kevin and Julia’s short trip a memorable one! We hope you had as much fun as Kevin and Julia did.

Eventbrite is looking forward to continuing to support Berlin’s event ecosystem, and are especially excited to be partnering with Hy!Berlin, European Pirate Summit, Pioneers Festival (Vienna) and Tech Crunch Disrupt this summer. You can stay up to date with all things Brite in Berlin on Twitter, Facebook and our Berlin blog (where this post originally appeared)!

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