NYC has the ball drop. What do you have in store to get people excited about your NYE event?

NYC is one of the most iconic places to be for New Year’s Eve. When you’re competing against a ball in Times Square, you know your event has to do something great to stand out.

Here are some tips that I’ve learned from producing more than 200 New Year’s Eve events for more than 150,000 people throughout the past four years.

1. Pick a stand out venue – The venue will set the tone for the entire night. You can go grand with a beautiful event space, home grown with a dive bar, or new age with a loft.

One of my favorite events was going a little off the wall and renting out the AMC Theatre in Times Square, turning one floor into a family affair and two floors into a club atmosphere. We had something for everyone, including views of the ball drop. Picking a space should go with the overall vibe you are searching for your celebration.

2. Get Talented – Nothing gets a party rocking more than live performances, DJ, or celebrity appearances. Investing in a larger name can really bring the spotlight to your event and get the buzz going. This year the major sellers were Axwell and Deadmau5. If your budget is on the smaller side, find a local home grown hero to take the spotlight.

3. Form a Host Committee – Having a group or partner to help spread the word of your NYE event takes some of the pressure of selling out off your shoulders. You can offer a percentage of ticket sales or complimentary tickets for their help.

Selling 30,000 tickets per year wasn’t a one-person job. I worked with several different promotional groups, companies, and individuals to push the ticket counter. Some of the best partnerships were ones where everyone was equally vested in the outcome.

4. Have Surprises – Keep something under wraps. Give hints through social media and word of mouth and get people excited for what’s to come.

Surprise performances have always been the biggest hit I have seen in NYC. Partnering with sponsors and brands can be creative and rewarding. One year, we partnered with the release of the film, “Notorious”, and did sneak previews right before the ball dropped.

5. Market Wisely – Keeping your online image in sync with your event image is very important. Your invite, flyer, or listing will be the first thing that potential guests will see. Having stunning visuals, venue images, and all event information in one place will set the tone for what guests will expect at your event.

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