I’m headed to South by Southwest later this week. I’m about to take a crash course in what’s happening in tech, music and film. There’s no way I’ll be able to keep all the stuff I learn just to myself, so I’ll be updating you all throughout the trip.

Not headed to SXSW? You’re just the person I want to talk to. Are there any particular things you’d like to learn? Do you want to know what the next social media trend will be? Are you fascinated by where the blog community is headed? Tell me your thoughts in the comments now, and I’ll be sure to respond and keep an ear to the ground.

Also, follow @BriteSXSW on Twitter. I’ll be tweeting live from various panels (including the ones on which Eventbrite is speaking) and keep you updated on what the team of Britelings in Austin is up to.

Are you headed to Austin? Let us know that in the comments, too! Which events are you going to? I’m stoked to check out Jill Abramson speaking about the future of the New York Times, and this provocative panel on whether social media is a bubble that’s set to burst. Which conversations do you think we should listen to and participate in?

Oh, and want to grab a beer with us while listening to some great tunes? Also, remember to download the Eventbrite App for Android or iPhone so you can manage all of your tickets in one place (and save trees with no paper or printers!).

Thanks for hanging out with us, and chat with you soon from Austin!

Tighe, Blog Editor

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