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We love talking about how our social media integrations help organizers sell more tickets. We’ve released specific data about how attendees share on Facebook and Twitter, and how much money that drives for organizers. Social commerce is incredibly important to Eventbrite, but it’s not the only way that we help you sell tickets.

Dozens of other event discovery sites are also capable of pulling your public events from Eventbrite for further marketing opportunities. You’re probably familiar with some of the largest of the sites, such as Zvents and eventful.

We know you’re busy. This is one less thing that you have to remember to do. As long as your event is public and categorized, this happens automatically.

Also, we give you the ability to see which of these websites are sending traffic and ticket sales to your Eventbrite page. You can use this data to find out more about where your attendees are discovering your event. This valuable data can help you improve the promotion for your next event.

We’re constantly adding new distribution partners and working to get our organizers’ content in front of new attendees across the web.

So, tell us – where do you find out about new events?