When it comes to data, and especially your sales, there are a lot of different ways to look at it. Having the ability to slice and dice your sales into custom charts and reports can help you find the exact insights you’re looking for.

We’ve been hard at work building a new analytics tool that’s going to give you the power to harness all of that data through greater visibility and usability, so you can make more informed decision while planning your events. We’re so excited for you to try it that we launched it as a beta product to everyone!

Insights you need, fast.
You still have all the charts and event reports, but when you go to the  ‘Analyze’ section of the ‘Manage’ page for your events, you’ll notice the new analytics tool, Analytics (Beta).

Manage Nav

With the new Analytics (Beta) tool, you can group your sales by ticket type, set the exact date range you want to look at, and choose to measure by quantity of tickets, gross sales, or net sales. These features are ideal for tracking how different ticket types are selling over certain times.

Let’s say you saw a bump in your ticket sales during the first week of the month and you want to know which ticket types sold the most. You can set the date range on the tool to that time period and group by ticket type. The chart will quickly change and a new report below it will show you exactly how many sales you got by ticket type, and on which days.














It’s a work in progress.
Instead of waiting to unveil everything when we’re done, we wanted to launch the new sales charts and analytics that are ready for use and can help you plan better events now. Some features are labeled “coming soon,” so be on the lookout for updates and we’ll also let you know when everything is available.

We want your feedback!
We want to make sure we’re building the best, most useful features, and we want you to have a voice in shaping the product that will be critical to your success. Just try out the new tool and then fill out this survey. Our team will continuously review the feedback to inform their work on the tool.

Much, much more to come!
This is only the beginning of the power the new analytics tool can give you. Here are some more features coming down the pipe to get excited about:

  • More dimensions to group sales
  • Filters to limit and organize what data is shown
  • Reporting across multiple events
  • Geographic tracking of attendees
  • Promotional traffic sources
  • Different chart views

As we continue to roll out the tool, I’m going to blog about new features we add, so check back here for tips on how to use them. And don’t forget, we’d love your help with making this tool amazing.

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