Last Thursday at 6pm, we kicked off our second ever Eventbrite Hackathon. The rules of the Hackathon are simple: create something awesome related to Eventbrite in twelve hours or less.

Hackathons have become something of a staple at many tech startups. Some do them monthly, others annually, others continuously (Google gives their developers 20% time to work on whatever they want). Eventbrite is no exception, but we also have our own little spin: our hackathon is in no way limited to developers. Britelings from across the company wrote copy and code, drew pictures and plans, and otherwise created whatever they could dream.

Pizza and beer were served, the fridges were stocked with caffeine, and nearly everyone in the company stuck around to hack. Cross-departmental teams formed (one hackathon team had members from four different teams!), and everyone dug into their projects full-bore right off the bat. Those who made it all the way to 6am were rewarded with pancakes (and greeted by the earliest-risers on our Support team).

After a weekend of rest and recovery, the teams reconvened to demo their hacks to the company at large. The demos revealed everything from sales and marketing dashboards (for display on big screens at our new office) to CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) predictive modeling to a clickable office seating map & staff directory (to help us all keep track of each other as we continue our rapid growth).

Ultimately, though, it was an internal search tool designed and built single-handedly by our own Max Gutman that wowed the crowds and took home the “fan favorite” award, along with a spot on the product roadmap for full implementation.

"Best Use of the API" winners!

And if you want to get in on the next Eventbrite Hackathon, check out our jobs page. We’re hiring!

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