Each year, the Wine & Spirits Top 100 event draws wine enthusiasts from throughout the world.

Today’s guest post is from Cord Medina, events director, Wine & Spirits Magazine.

The best wines are well-balanced. So are the best wine events.

For next week’s Wine & Spirits’ Top 100 in San Francisco, we’re striving to find a balance that mirrors the wines we’re celebrating. Each year, our team is challenged to keep a seasoned event fresh and exciting. We are doing this through a number of ways, each of which balance traditional practices/new features.

Returning Patrons/New Clientele

Our brand is fortunate to have a loyal following of folks who come back to the Top 100, year-after-year. In marketing this year’s event, we’re not starting a conversation with these people, but continuing one with new information.

Wine & Spirits invites new people to their event while continuing to keep the conversation going with past attendees.

And let’s face it; wine is popular, especially with young professionals. Our goal is to expand our already robust community to include these up-and-coming wine enthusiasts. We’re doing this by marketing our event as friendly and welcoming for people of all ages and levels of expertise. We also highlight up-an-coming technology that younger clientele have come to expect, which includes using Eventbrite’s Easy Entry app.

Traditional Marketing/Modern Marketing

As I mentioned, we have a loyal following of folks who have been to our event before. We reach these people through traditional marketing, such as print-issue event ads, e-newsletter mentions, and continued e-blasts to our list of e-subscribers, previous ticket purchasers and industry peers. All of these are effective ways to continue a conversation and remind our community of the great time they’ve had at past events.

We’re also trying new tactics by marketing with social media. How great are Facebook and Twitter? They allow us to grow our audience and introduce our event to new people, while maintaining conversations with the people who are already engaged.

We’re also partnering with influential brands on the web to bring our event to the next level digitally. We recently partnered with GILT Wine and wine.com, making them exclusive retail partners of the event. Wine.com, which is affiliated with GILT Wine, is one of the largest wine retailers on the internet. They are making the wines we feature available nationally, so we’re able to include people who can’t make it to the physical event.


Oysters and wine? Yes, please.


Wine is at the core of our event. But, there is no reason we can’t balance that out with some grub.

We partner with some of the top new restaurants in San Francisco to cater our event. This not only highlights great new spots throughout the city, but it gives our attendees a full experience with foods that compliment the great wines we’re serving. It also allows our team to tap into potential new markets, with fans and followers of the eateries.

For Fun/For a Cause

Wine & Spirits’ Top 100 is a celebration of great wine. But why not do something for the greater good?

We’re asking people to drink wine to save water. In keeping with Wine & Spirit Magazine’s mission to raise awareness of water conservation issues, we’re donating event proceeds to San Francisco Baykeeper. This nonprofit watchdog is dedicated to protecting the water quality of the San Francisco Bay-Delta watershed.

We hope you can join us; cheers!

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