Did you spend your winter in hibernation? Ready to see the light of day and rediscover all of your favorite parts of your city? We’ve got seven ways for you to make the most of the summer of 2013. Ready? Let’s go!

1. Rock out.

Eventbrite Music Events

Whether it’s discovering a new band playing at a street festival or jamming out to your favorites at a festival like GoogaMooga, summer is a perfect time to discover new music.

2. Get your learn on. 

Cooking Classes Eventbrite

Make a list of the skills you’ve been meaning to brush up on. Want to become a grill master? Have a garden that is the envy of everyone on the block? Find a BBQ or gardening class near you!

3. Lend a helping hand.

Eventbrite Volunteering Event

Wash cars, walk dogs, paint schools, help an elderly neighbor carry their groceries inside. If you don’t know where to start, check out local nonprofits in your area!

4. Find a food/wine/beer festival.

Check out local fares at a food festival. Be sure to bring a camera (or phone) and a notepad to jot down your favorites — you may be inspired to create your own summer culinary masterpieces.

5. Hit the road.

Eventbrite road trip out of town events

Cash in on some of your vacation days, hit the road and explore a new city for a few days. Bonus points if you use our Eventbrite app to find cool things to do where you’re vacationing.

6. Get sweaty. 

get sweaty.eventbrite work out

Beach yoga, outdoor bootcamps, ‘fun runs‘, or 5k races are a great way to stay fit, see a new part of your city and meet other likeminded folks who like to work out, too.

7. Make friends.  


Meet new folks (and make new friends) at a networking or community event. You could discover a new running buddy, concert-goer, or business partner!

Alright, ready to make the most out of this summer? Go get ’em!