This past Monday I hosted a Bachelor Viewing Party in San Francisco. Primarily because one of my good friends (Kat Hurd) is a competitor this season, but also because I pretty much love any excuse to throw a themed party! I know quite a few people host viewing parties for shows they’re really into, so here are my 5 tips to hosting a killer viewing party — bachelor related or otherwise!

1. Make sure to select a viewing-friendly venue.

Venue Eventbrite Bachelor BriteSF

One of the first concerns I had when selecting my venue was making sure that we’d actually get to watch the show. Variety Children’s Charity in San Francisco has a screening room that is perfect for this type of occasion. With 47 stadium seats, 20 folding chairs and an adjacent lounge space it fit my 70 guests perfectly. If you’re in the Bay Area and interested in hosting your own event in their space, you can use code “EB75” to knock 75 bucks off your rental.

2. Bingo.

Bingo Roses Bachelor Eventbrite SF

I’m all about ensuring the optimal amount of fun and games, so at the beginning of our party we handed out Bachelor Bingo cards to everyone attending. Each square had a phrase or activity that we might see on TV (ie hottub, crying, daughter reference, someone saying, “she’s not here for the right reasons,” etc.), and the first 5 winners to get 5 boxes in a row on their bingo card (or as we referred to the game, ROSES) won prizes like a signed bottle of rose from Ben the Bachelor’s Winery.

3. Plan themed activities during the commercial breaks.

Kat Bachelor Eventbrite BriteSF

When you’re watching live TV, you’re constantly reminded that the commercials are a plenty! Use this as an opportunity for ice breakers and other planned activities. Out of the 70 or so people attending the event there were about 10 guys, so we had them present mock limo introductions (if they were on the show), gave prizes for trivia questions and also held a Q&A with Kat.

4. Play up the themed dress, food and drink (and in this case , roses!).


For our event the suggested dress was cocktail attire: “what you would wear for a hot date or even better a rose ceremony.” We had wine from Ben the Bachelor’s winery and cupcakes with Juan Pablo’s face on them. And finally, our friends at BloomThat provided long-stemmed roses for our guests.

5. Capture the fun!

Bachelor Kat BriteSF Eventbrite

Now I normally wouldn’t hire a photographer for a typical tv show viewing, but since I decided to share the event with so many people we had someone take photos of the event. We had a red carpet and a photo backdrop for people to take pictures in front of, and printed cutouts of Chris Harrison and Juan Pablo’s face for fun photo ops. Photography can be a really important investment for any event, and it really created a lot of buzz!

Are you interested in hosting your own Bachelor viewing party? It’s easier than you think, and…if you’re a first time organizer you can get $100 off of your first event fees. Tweet me at @BriteSF if you have any questions getting started!